Trees for Congleton – Completed Sites


Bowness Court


This pleasant green space with space for an informal kickabout is enclosed by dense hedging which separates it from busy traffic on Newcastle Road and Padgbury Lane.  There are 2 older sycamore trees.

Planting added in 2021, funded by Congleton Town Council, consists of individual trees including 2 fruit trees, small copses of mixed native trees and shrubs (silver birch, oak, hazel, crab apple, Scots pine, wild cherry, rowan and goat willow) with attractive grasses and wild flowers appearing where mowing is reduced. Two fruit trees were funding by the William Dean Trust and there is scope for adding more and expanding wild flower areas.

Planting benefits

  • Separation of green space from traffic to improve safety and filter air pollution
  • Carbon storage, shade and shelter to mitigate effects of climate change
  • New habitat, flowers and berries for wildlife, fruit trees for food and amenity.


Bowness Court final planting plan


Once new planting is established, generally after one year, it is handed over to Congleton Town Council’s Streetscape team which already looks after green spaces in the town.  Cheshire East Council (Ansa) may also be involved, working alongside our Town Council team.  Fruit trees will be pruned by volunteers. It is appreciated that many residents help by picking litter when visiting the green space. 

Note that many, but not all, of the young trees and shrubs planted can be coppiced (by workers trained in woodland management) if in future years there is any conflict with other uses.  This would also help to develop a varied age structure in the planting.

Would you like to be a friend of Bowness Court green space?

We would love local residents to become ‘friends’ of the trees and plants planted in the area. A ‘friend’ would keep an eye on the site and report any damage or problems, or indeed how the plants are flourishing!  As the site is next to Bromley Wood which is one of the Town Council’s 30 Biodiversity Sites.  Any information on wildlife or suggestions for enhancement would be welcomed.

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