Members of Congleton Partnership & Congleton Beartown Ltd with two awards received from ‘Action for Market Towns’ for ‘Bearmania’ and ‘Congleton Means Business’. The ‘Bearmania’ event, organised by Congleton Beartown Ltd and held throughout the summer of 2011, was amazingly successful, attracting many new visitors to the town to see the beautifully decorated bears and walk the bear trail.

‘Congleton Means business’ was organised by the Chamber of Commerce, the Town Council and Congleton Partnership and was sponsored by the Inclosure Trust. It was held in the Town Hall to provide information to developers, retailers and investors to promote the town as an attractive area for new businesses. During the first half of 2012 Congleton has seen a record number of new companies being set up which is, in part, an exciting legacy of ‘Congleton Means Business’.