Bingo or Bungi jumping?  Waltzing Matilda or Women’s Football?

What do older people want to get up to in their spare time? You might think you know, but times change and now that our baby boomers are getting older do we need a rethink?

Is there a new generation of older people that want to sing-along to David Bowie not Vera Lynn and would rather pogo than tea dance?

Lynne Elliot, the new CEO of Age UK Cheshire East says:

“I am 59 and my mum is 90 and although we have a lot in common, our two generations are worlds apart.  My mum was a child during World War Two and I was a child of the 70’s.  So how we like to spend our Sunday afternoons is very different.”

And it’s not all about having fun.  Lynne says that the generation you are in can make such a big difference to the sort of support you will need to stay independent and navigate the modern world.

“Younger older people are used to computers and would be lost without their smart phones.  But many of those in their 80’s and 90’s are not so digital and struggle to manage in a world where most information is on-line.  Even things like paying your bills or finding out about the bus times are hard without access to the internet.”

Age UK Cheshire East want to find out what local older people want and need, so they can get the right things in place to help people manage their lives and at the same time have some fun.  The Big Old Survey is open now and it’s up to over 50’s to take part and say what they really, really want to help them live the best later life they can.

You can take part in The Big Old Survey by going on Age UK Cheshire East Facebook or Twitter or by following this link:

For a paper copy,  phone 01625 612958


Our Charity’s mission is to ‘improve later life for people in Cheshire East’. In 2018, we celebrated our 30th anniversary, having provided help and support to many thousands of older people in Cheshire East since our formation back in 1988.

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