The latest meeting of the Congleton’s Youth Forum took place on 21st April, download the full meeting minutes here.

A quick update on some of the Youth Forum projects:

Youth Forum Projects.


In Bloom. Application forms have gone out, 1 application received from Bromley Farm YC.

Please action as soon as possible. We supported 4 very good projects last year to support the ‘In Bloom Project’ (now received app from CHS)

Skateboard Park & Chav Fashion Show. It was felt that these 2 projects could well be included within the Celebrating Youth Event.

Bridle Path Maps. GW to source current map provision and discuss same with Matt Axford and Genni Butler. The idea is to create maps that indicate what is available on a given route, distances, points of interest , accessibility etc, put in to young persons ‘Speak’

Once this has been established GW then to discuss with schools to see if this can be handled as a practical project for their students.

For reference there is a major event being organised by Team Congleton for July ‘Every Step Counts’ to encourage walking in the town. There will be opportunity for young people / organisations to become involved, some of this element could be incorporated in both Celebrating Youth Day and In Bloom ‘Space’ projects.