Youth Forum meeting took recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Prince’s Trust 2019. – Josie.Shearman and Jim Bennett
Josie and Jim outlined their plans to run a Prince’s Trust activity/ course through this summer.
They are currently visiting numerous potential groups/ members, looking for around 14 people to sign up to the course.

The course which will be based in Macclesfield, but could well have a Congleton Project, will run for 12 full weeks and aims at improving confidence, gaining qualifications and life skills.
The course includes Team Building, Community Project, Employment Skills, Work Experience, Event/Activity Planning and a Final presentation.

Age range will be between 16 and 25, travel support to Macclesfield can be arranged to support anyone on benefits/ or their family on benefits.

For more information visit
Or contact Josie or Jim 01606 868870.

CHS 6 formers raised the issue of smokers/cigarette butts annoying Birch Rd residents. Students to research this a little more to find out the real issue. Could then use CEBC wardens if there is a real problem that needs addressing.
It was felt in general the youth issues in town / around are now being more prevalent in the 11 to 12-year-olds. Need to find out what this age group require, and see what can be done to address this issue. CHS do follow up on Cheshire Police twitter feeds in the belief that can act as a deterrent in some way.

Future Meetings:-
Wednesday 19th June 3.30pm to 5.30pm, EBA
Tuesday 8th October 3.30pm to 5.30pm, CHS