The Youth forum met recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Sara Rathbone – Dementia Action Alliance.

Initially set up by Alzheimer’s Society, Sara covers the whole of Cheshire East, working with many organisations to make CE more dementia friendly. She sees Youth engagement quite key to this work. They are aiming to achieve 4 million “Dementia Friends” nationally. Sara would like to deliver sessions to both of our secondary schools. Anyone 18 years and over can become a dementia champion, if you have anyone within your organisations who would be interested please let Sara know.

GW indicated that Bromley farm are interested in doing a memories project.


Mental Health / Substance Misuse.


GW to follow up the outcome fo Kooth’s visit to use in June.


After that session we set ourselves 3 project proposals:-

To raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental health

Highlight the negative effects of substance misuse and legal highs

Provide young people with details of a range of support available in relation to these issues.


It was felt that the Youth Forum should put in a bid to deliver some of these solutions.

Ideas discussed:- Play with a workshop afterwards, costs for this are quite high (£1 to £1.5K)


Approach both High Schools to see what they have currently planned, and what we can get onto their syllabus.


Look to see if any of the youth groups/ NLC/Bromley Farm/Visyon to see if there is anything they can do.


Youth Committee meeting 10th October, both High Schools invited, will add this subject to the agenda.


Charlie to talk to other charities (based on Bradford Schools idea) as to how they tackled the subject.


Lisa to look at more support for parents.


Glen to look at how we get closer working between EBA/CHS


Small subgroup to be put together to look at a funding bid of around £10k to put on a play and various other activities. GW will chair please let MS know if you want to be involved. Glen happy to write the bid.


Next Meeting TBC.