Weekly Watt Watch

Conduct your own weekly watt watch!

Weekly Watt Watch is an easy way to monitor use of gas and electricity over the year on a single sheet of paper – to help find opportunities to cut down, year on year. This helps reduce global carbon dioxide, a major contributor to climate change, while making massive energy cost savings.

Mike Taylor saved 40% on gas and 20% on his domestic electricity use. You could do the same! (home, school, company)


The difference it has made

Over the last 20 years, Mike and his family have been monitoring our use of gas and electricity.

Mike joined Congleton Sustainability Group, (CSG) with the aim of helping the local community to move to a more sustainable lifestyle and lower the Congleton’s carbon footprint. As a result of his involvement in the group, he has developed a ‘Weekly Watt Watch’ presentation. The data sheet uses a simple calculation show how many units are used each week. Obviously there are seasonal variations, but once a year has been completed it becomes possible to compare exactly week by week with the previous year.

The elegance of this simple system on a single sheet of paper, allows the individual or group to decide how they can use less and thus save money.

Complete your own ‘Weekly Watt Watch’ just download the sheet and instructions, don’t forget to tell us of your savings!