Cenotaph Group meeting took place recently, for the full meetings please download HERE.

Highlights include:

Information Boards:

Draft layout/script for the board was circulated prior to the last meeting.

Looked at case type, the group voted on uppercase type for the inscription.

A couple of modifications required. The Congleton Partnership not Congleton Town Partnership and Organisation, not Organization.

The airmen’s plaque to match the interpretation board ( Blue Brick Pillar, Portland Stone with Stainless Steel Plaques approx 1 meter in height.) both to be sited at opposite sides of the entrance from the footpath.

Happy with the style, just need realigning.

Amend to read Lewis H Payne, not Holmes L.Payne.

Approx cost £1800/£1900 per pillar, this has been agreed by The Partnership Executive.

JKC to put in a planning application.

New Plaques Extra names and issues.

Estimate for the work from stonemason Nic Robertson £5590 + VAT,( will submit a written quote) to be picked up by The Partnership, invoice made out to:- Congleton Town Council (Congleton Partnership) quoting purchase order number 188/2122. MS pass the PO number to John Carter. (Quote now received and sent to JKC to action)

Work to commence 6th July, team meeting planned that day so that we can also meet Nic on site. The work should take 11 days and will be spread over 3 weeks. The site to be taped off during this period of time and an information poster sited to provide an update to the public.

Cenotaph Planting Cenotaph Planting

Cllr J Smith to take on the task of registering the Cenotaph with various organisations and museums once everything is completed, currently the site has not been registered anywhere as far as we know.

Tuesday 6th July, Bridestones Suite, Town Hall at 10.00am

This will include a site visit with Nick Roberson