Congleton Cenotaph group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE

Highlights include:

Criteria for names

(as per previous minutes)


MS has now written up the criteria for names appearing on the cenotaph plaques and circulated to the group. This is stored in the Cenotaph file in the office so that it is available to councillors on request.

Telephone Box/ Manhole cover/ Trees Order has now been placed with BT for its removal. Hoping to be able to use the old power supply for our lighting requirements. Should be removed by early June.


The manhole cover does not appear to be an issue .


Trees. D.McGifford to discuss with Ruth Burgess what process she used to arrive at STS as the contractor.Quote £1590.


Possibly could get this work done by Grahams,Mark Pickford/ J.Carter to see if they can handle this.

Road & Footpath Closure/ Material storage & compound Road closure / footpath closure.

Leave any application until we have a contractor. In the meantime highlight the potential closure etc to W.Ashdown and Richard Cooper, approx. dates between Aug to Oct.



Cllrs D.Murphy / S.Holland to raise with assets CEBC re us using the old CBC grassed area behind the town hall form w/c 29th July to w/c 28th October. D.McGifford also to discuss with CEBC.


Lighting/ Water / Bollard  /CCTV Suggestions were to light each end of the plaques, with separate lighting for the Celtic cross.


Solar Cell controlled with a manual override.


Duct in a power cable with external twin socket at the back of the cross.


Water connection at Cole Hill end of the Cenotaph.


Removable bollard in the middle of entrance to the paved area.


CCTV. No current plans for CCTV. J.Mac to discuss with The Prince of Wales/ Kings Arms if their CCTV would pick up the Cenotaph and or if they would agree to work with us on improving coverage. J.Mac to also check what coverage our camera on Lawton St gives when she visits Macclesfield CCTV Operations HQ.


Next Meetings  

Tuesday 2nd July 11.00am, Campbell Suite.


Friday 12th July  11.00am, Spencer Suite (selection day)