Congleton Partnership Executive meeting took place recently, you can download the full meeting minutes HERE. 

Updates include:

Partnership Vision

A small working group has been meeting regularly since January to decide the future direction of the partnership and streamline processes.

Peter discussed the initial vision and objectives, in principle with the group agreed, but there was a little confusion between the vision and objectives. Cathy / Peter to re-work and present back to the group.

Objectives should aspirational but measurable.

Working with ‘surrounding parishes’ is mentioned a lot – what’s the best way to include and work with surrounding parishes? The approach will be on individual projects.

Community Governance

Big issue for Congleton. After initially being told that the boundary would be the Link Road, Cheshire East has had a change of heart and is now recommending that the boundaries stay the same and that the new employment land and houses within the link road will form part of the rural parishes. The Town Council is challenging this. It means that the new households will not pay any precept towards costs of running Congleton – green spaces, park, paddling pool, CCTV, PCSOs, grants, street cleaning and projects to improve the town – such as subsidising community events in the Town Hall.

It also means that people moving into the new estates immediately next to the current boundary will have no say on how the town develops or access to support from the Town Council. David McGifford is working on our response, and I know would appreciate support from the Partnership on this.


Next meeting TBC.