Congleton Sustainability Group meeting took place recently, download full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights Include:

New Town Council Sustainability Initiatives
PA explained that he had presented the draft Congleton Green paper to the Communities and Environment Meeting, the principle of which was well received. It was agreed to form a sub-group between CSG and Congleton Town Councillors to discuss initiatives. PA to organise. Volunteers from CSG: Heather, Matt, Steve, Barry, Peter H and Glen.

The Old Saw Mill.
OSM company is likely to change from IC to Benefit Society with Charitable Aims so that Community Shares can be created to raise funds to purchase the property.
Apple harvest approaching: volunteer army to be organised: Adam and Matt may be able to help. DJ&PR to put a volunteer plan together and discuss.
Storage of bottles and apple juice discussed, Peter Hall and Adam may be able to find space.

Cycle Path Plans.
Suzie now CEC walking and cycling champion.
Chelford Road/Back Lane issues around potential flooding.
5 Towns Walking Trail – close to being published, needs reconciling with Link Road plan, suggested Steve approaches Grahams directly. Potential conflict footpath and Sandy Lane: SF to discuss with Jenny Butler CEC.


Next Meeting: Monday 5th August at Astbury Mere Visitor Centre at 10am