The Youth Forum meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Mental Health / Substance Misuse Project  – update EBA.


Catherine and Sam gave a report on the work they have been doing at Eaton Bank Academy in support of this project.

Following training support from Visyon they have set up a 10 student strong Peer Mentoring Group/Project.

They have offered made themselves available to offer advice and support on wellbeing and welfare support across years 11 and 12.

Had regular discussion sessions on issues and plans of action.

Looking to make the project sustainable by training the incoming year 12s.

Working on a Mental Health Awareness campaign with Helen MacKay ( Macclesfield) and the new project team of schools and colleges being set up across Cheshire East.

Presentations on the subjects can be made at any school.

Mental Health Cards ( details of support contacts) for students are being developed and will be available for the start of the September term.


The group congratulated them on their excellent work.


Basis of the training was 2 hours sessions with Jamie / Laura from Visyon. Liz did 2 hour sessions with all of the sixth form on Mental Health.

Liz commented that they were happy to go and talk to CHS if they so wished.

Caroline felt CHS would welcome similar training to EBA.


Once this project is completed The Partnership would review what could be done to support it going forward.


  1. Substance Awareness days.

Both secondary schools to be involved. GW discuss with F.Bruce / Youth Committee.

Congleton Youth Committee keep raising this as a topic, they need to take the lead.

MP was involved in the last time this programme was delivered, schools would be receptive for this to happen again. Youth Committee need to develop a programme to deliver this.  £250

PCSO commented that year 7 & 8 showed a marked increase in drug issues and that drug awareness days were needed in schools.

Summer Activities.

MS sent out prior to the meeting, if you have any activity you wish to be advertised please send to MS for circulation.


Visyon Summer Programme                                      Sent to group 3.7.18

Leisure Centre Programme                                                                9.7.18

Astbury Watersports Schools Programme                                         3.7.18

Congleton Town Ctr Play Day 14th August (10am to 2pm)

New Great Places to play leaflet (Play Areas) to be issued              This month

Friends for Leisure 3 x events – 1st Aug Old saw Mill – Wall Painting 2 to 3.30

(01260 275333)                         6th Aug EBA Bubble Footie  10.30 to 11.45

30th Aug New Life Church Summer Party 1 to 2.30

Lee’s Football School EBA Weekly Sessions July/Aug £15 per day/weekly rates.

For up to-date information visit the Town Council website


Next Meeting.


TBA.  MS and GW to draw up a schedule for the next 12 months (4 meetings)