Dementia Friendly Congleton group meeting took place recently, download full minutes HERE.

Highlights include:


Drop In Sessions / Activity Programmes.




New May Dementia Friendly Congleton leaflet produced and circulated at the previous meeting.


Cup Cake Day 14th June – Event cancelled through lack of time and volunteers available.

Inclusive Swim planned for June 21st, Elizabeth Stubbs to support at Leisure Centre.

Film at Heathview end of July

Gentle walk at Museum 19th August

Seated Dance at NLC Fri 3rd August

Sue Munro to try and advertise on Social Media

Diane press release / advert.

Elizabeth Stubbs promised to do a survey round her clients to find out their needs and activity requirement. She will report back to Mike.

Diane to check with Communicare drivers to see who their main contact is.


E mail Jess McFall.

Jess advised us of a dementia friendly communities workshop being held in Crewe at the end of June and of a planned Cheshire and Merseyside networking event at the end of August. This will be held in Warrington, if anyone wishes to go please let Jess know either directly or through MS


Next Meeting :- Tuesday 10th July, 2 to 4pm, Congleton Town Hall.