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Well, I’m now the proud owner of an email address . Apparently this will open up a whole new world to me!  Bob's Blog Senior Forum

I’ll be able to do my shopping while still sitting in my front room.  Funnily enough my old front room was only a stone’s throw away from our local bargain store – otherwise known as May Brogan’s!! I have it on good authority that when May passed away she was such an icon in Congleton history, that the editor of the Chron wrote her eulogy himself, saying that it was far too important to hand it over to a reporter!   Back to shopping – I have done some –online …with  help!   I’ve ordered a much loved  book from my youth that I’d love to read again – “The Blue Book Guide to Cornwall”  Got it from  – not touting for trade here  but it seems good for the old and obscure books ( Remember a few years back – “Fly Fishing” by JR Hartley?)  Getting back to the point, we used to go to Cornwall  every Summer, so getting the book will really bring back memories.     I think it’s lovely re-visiting good times in your life.  I love getting out the photos – they’re kept in an old biscuit tin in the cupboard and everybody crowds round to see who they can recognise!

Memory is a strange thing – you can remember things so clearly from 60 years ago but forget what day it is!   So I was interested in going to the ‘Dementia Together’ event last week, and I was so impressed with the work that’s going on behind the scenes to help people who are living with alzheimers disease or dementia, or who can become forgetful or confused.    For example the staff at Crewe station have all had dementia awareness training, and there is a ‘safe’ room at the station complete with memory boxes and memorabilia – things to help someone in distress to find their bearings until a family member arrives.   I think that’s so caring!

I know that using public transport can be a bit tricky and scary if you’re feeling fragile!

But did you know that people living with alzheimers disease or dementia can apply for a ‘disability’ bus pass which ensures extra support from the driver – like  he won’t start to drive away until you are safely seated and he can see you are OK.   You can apply for these bus passes at Congleton Library.

Whatever you age, it’s good to keep the old grey matter moving – so here’s a few more ideas for keeping on keeping on…

Heathview – top of Heath Road in West health, opposite the shopping precinct on Sandbach Road, has a good selection of things going on and it’s open to any older person  who wants to join in – there’s a reading club on Tuesdays 2.00pm-3.00pm, board games Thursday 2.00pm-4.00pm and Needles and Natter on Sundays 2.00pm-4.00pm.    If you want to check it out or to book a place, give Wendy Townley a ring on 01260 281484

Phew – just not enough days in the week!!    And don’t forget if you are computer savvy you can email me at – let me know about events or useful info and I’ll gladly pass it on.

Bob Bear signing out till next week……