The Trees for Congleton Group has completed its first round of consultations for the current planting season, and tree and hedge planting is underway.

An initial nine Congleton sites were identified for potential planting in 2022-23, using funding from the Tree Council. These are at Back Lane, Hertford Close, Lambert’s Lane Water Tower, Pirie Road, Quayside / St Peters Rd, Quinta Park, Havannah Lane – St Johns Rd, Solly Crescent and Thirlmere Court.

The consultation consisted of leaflets through the doors of houses adjacent to the sites and online consultations via the Trees for Congleton Facebook page and on its website at

Of the nine sites identified

  • Four got 100% positive and supportive comments
  • Four got positive comments with suggestions for minor tweaks
  • Two got a significant number of requests for changes

Both the minor tweaks and more significant changes have now been incorporated into the plans. For example, at Pirie Road, a smaller number of trees will be planted, away from the centre of the space which is often used for play.  At Thirlmere Court, all the hedges have been removed from the plans. At Solly Crescent and Quinta Park, the team will be meeting with residents to discuss details, as some people had opposing views.

Ruth Benson, leader of Trees for Congleton, commented “It was very gratifying to hear the support of so many residents for more trees and hedges in Congleton. The team were particularly happy that a lot of local people volunteered to be ‘Friends’ of the spaces and help us plant and look after them.  We also have a number of businesses and organisation who have expressed an interest in getting involved this year.  Many thanks to all who have contributed. We will be writing back to everyone in due course, but you can also check the website for the latest information on each site. ”

Planting is underway and the next few planting dates can be seen below.  Anyone can turn up to help, with tools if you have them, good boots and appropriate clothing.

Sunday 22nd January, 10-12 am, Quayside/St Peter’s Road, CW12 3RE (hedge and tree)

Thursday 26th January, 10-12 am, Newcastle Road south (maintenance)

Saturday 28th January, 10-12 am, St John’s Road/Havannah Lane, Buglawton, CW12 2BA

Sunday 5th February, 10-12 am, Lambert’s Lane water tower, Mossley, CW12 3AU (hedge)

Saturday 11th February, 10-12 am, Thirlmere Court, West Heath, CW12 4JG (orchard)

Sunday 12th February, 10-12 am, Pirie Road, Buglawton, CW12 4EF (orchard, hedge)

Trees and shrubs planted by the Group are all native species such as fruit trees, oak, birch, hazel, willow, holly, lime, wild cherry, elder, alder and beech as well as some rare native black poplars.

Congleton Town Council supports the initiative as part of its Climate Emergency work, including helping to prepare the ground and ongoing maintenance of the sites.

Cllr Kay Wesley, Chair of the Community & Environment Committee of the Town Council, thanked the Group “The Tree Group has run a thorough consultation this year and thank you very much to all the residents and businesses who have contributed and offered to help with the planting. Mention must be given to our Partnership Officer, Cathy Dean, who has done a great job of getting the consultations online.”

To get involved, the Group invites residents to get in touch. If you plant your own tree e.g. in the garden, the Group would like to hear about it and add it to the running total. Contact the Group via, on Facebook look for Trees For Congleton, or email

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