A detailed survey of young people in Congleton has been completed commissioned by the Youth Council. This is an introduction from Joe Hearson head of the youth council:

The process of creating this report began in the winter of 2013. It continues to be the aim of Congleton Youth Council to explore the issues and services most important to young people and those which were felt lacking. It is hoped that this report, which contains the views and opinions of 760 young people living, schooling or working in Congleton, will comprehensively classify what young people perceive as the positives and negatives of living in Congleton. The report also provides the Youth Council with the opportunity to analyse the possible causes of our findings.

More specifically this report examines the issues which we felt were likely to be important to young people – transport, education, wellbeing and social issues for example. Because of the scope of such a survey, the Youth Council intend to provide youth-focused organisations in the Congleton area with the report, so that we might better achieve our ultimate goal of making Congleton a better place for Young People.

The conclusions drawn from this statistical analysis, then, will mould the projects that Congleton Youth Council embarks upon over the coming years. It is our intention to work with Congleton Town and Cheshire East Borough Council to find solutions to the negatives this report has exposed, whilst ensuring that the facilities within Congleton that received positive reviews continue to be provided. We also aim to work in conjunction with Fiona Bruce MP for Congleton to continue to improve facilities and services for young people in the area and also to highlight the many positives of life in Congleton. By working with partners, both at a local and national level we believe that clear objectives can be identified and achieved as a direct result of this report.

It is with great pride that I am able to occupy the chair of the Youth Council during this period, in which I hope the Youth Council will continue to work hard to achieve success within the town. I am extremely encouraged by the response yielded from this survey and believe it promotes a positive future for Congleton and for our organisation. As a Youth Council we remain ever-grateful for the support we receive from the Town Council, Fiona Bruce MP and other organisations within Congleton with whom we hope to work in close partnership. We thank you for taking the time to read this report, we hope you find its results both engaging and beneficial and as a Youth Council we look forward to working with you in the future.

Joseph Hearson

Chairman of Congleton Youth Council

Download the full results:

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