The Congleton Partnership Projects & Finance meeting took place recently, please download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:


Dedication Event is planned for 19th Sept Covid allowing.

Information Boards. These are to be a site just inside the Cenotaph entrance, giving information about the cenotaph in general and highlighting support we have received to finance the project.

The stonemason will visit the site (Nick Roberson) to finalise/cost out any corrections / additions we would like to make.

Dementia Group – PCSO Project.

£2000 raised to support this project working with local PCSO to provide entertainment packs for people living with dementia. Gift packs to be put together for both Care Homes and Local Residents, Jo Money offered support in making up the packs. The Lions and Police  will deliver the packs with support from the 3 local surgeries in identifying recipes (GDPR compliant)

MS send out subgroup minutes to the committee. Next subgroup 13.4.21

Tree Project.

9 sites going through a consultation process with local residents. Some amendments made following consultation. Lower Heath planting completed, planting being carried out by Cheshire Wildlife Trust currently because of Covid restrictions. Some funding support received from Cheshire East to support the project, GW to advise on the value of this.

Elizabeth’s Group

Congratulations to the group for their recognition in the link rd being named after Elizabeth. The group will be involved in the classic car event on 17th April. Over 2/3ds of the statue funding achieved, Hazel Reeves involving young people of Congleton in the design process. P.Munro putting together several bids for the balance of funding. Marquette ready for end of April/beginning of May.

Funding Request

Congleton Pride – £3k.

This request included purchasing and renting out equipment.

Action. CTC / P’ship to discuss idea of owning/ renting gazebos/storage / management.

Discuss with R.Walton all of the aspects of the grant once CTC/Pshp have had their discussion.

Next Meeting  Tuesday 1st June 10.30am (one week prior to Partnership Executive)