Congleton Senior Forum group meeting took place recently, read the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Dementia Steering Group Plans.


Dementia Friends Awareness Sessions.


Tgt to gain 250 Dementia Friends this year, currently at 181 with a number of sessions booked in the pipeline. Banks, Churches and Medical Centres on board, now moving onto business and schools.

Events/Activity Programme.

Good programme of events now in place with other activities being added. First Quarterly local activity leaflet printed and distributed.


Dementia Action Week (21st to 27th May)

Dementia Friends Awareness Sessions being planned every day that week.

Special activity planned for Paddling Pool area Thurs 24th May.


Alzheimer’s Society recognition.

We have now gained recognition by the Alzheimer’s Society as working towards a dementia Friendly town and can now use their logo both individually and with businesses.


Tesco Store (Barn Rd)

Wendy looking at the idea of creating a “Dementia Friends “ flower bed on the newly barked / orchard area.


Senior Forum Ideas.

Social Isolation

Sarah raised the issue of men looking to access local sports etc. They are less likely than the women to go out and meet people easily. There used to be a men’s group operating out of Trinity, Glen to check if this is still functioning.

Brenda working on developing a men’s session at The Railway Bowling Club. Funding needed Brenda to talk to Wendy re Tesco Bags of Help scheme.