Cenotaph meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Funding Agreed that we wouldn’t be willing to rename the site to reflect business, but businesses could have their names listed on a board.

Funding requests sent to:-

Inclosure Trust (TBC April) £10,000 received

Town Trust (TBC April)  £3000 received

Cheshire East Community Fund (no reply as yet)

Tesco Bags of Help NO feedback as yet)


Emailed / written to British Legion (chair) and Eaton Masonic Lodge ( no communications received as yet)


Still to progress “Crowd Funding”, developers and local businesses.


MS has submitted an article for the next issue of East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Magazine. We will then follow up with a request to members for support of the project, financial / in kind.


Grahams Construction ( Link Road developer) has offered some support in kind (site clearance/landscaping)

J.Mac to pass on the contact to JKC/MP so that that they can draw up a programme of support request that Grahams may be able to help us with.



Names on Plaques.



Final submission confirmation being returned to Stones this week. No changes required.


MS to action the first payment instalment (1/3)


Work on the first panel should begin first week in June.


Once first panel carving is complete, JKC will go down and inspect the work.

Next Meetings  

Tuesday 28th May 11.00am, Spencer Suite.


Friday 12th July  11.00am, Spencer Suite (selection day)